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Medical Marijuana Laws: Transporting Medical Marijuana

  When it comes to Transporting Medical Marijuana, many of us ask “Can I travel with My Medical Marijuana card and my own meds?”, or “Can I transport medical marijuana?” . Medical Marijuana Lawyer, David Rudoi says in short that Traveling with medical marijuana is complicated because if you’re traveling with medical marijuana across state […]

Ferndale, Jackson and Lansing Decriminalize Marijuana

While Michigan local initiatives are likely to be ignored by state and local law enforcement, they will still have the symbolic value of putting voters on record as supporting marijuana law reform as three new cities decriminalize marijuana.

Michigan Attorney David Rudoi Appears on Clickondetroit.com

This is the Channel 4 News story I appear in. We should have Baby Bree home any day now!

Obama Administration Steps Back From War on Drugs

Prosecutors must re-file charges against defendants in pending drug cases and will need to strip out any references to quantities that may trigger mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Medical Marijuana Legalized In New Hampshire

Medical Marijuana Legalized In New Hampshire, making it the last state in New England to legalize medical marijuana.

DUI Related Traffic Deaths Deterred by MDOT’s New Effort

MDOT hopes the signs will be noticed by motorists and reduce DUI and other traffic related casualties.

Drunk Driving Crack Down Leads to 131 Arrests

According to Michigan State Police, a crackdown on drunk driving put extra officers on roads during the 4th of July holiday and led to 131 arrests.

Michigan Police Officer Charged With DUI

A Michigan police officer with a BAC of 0.13 had his case dismissed on a technicality. Do you still think all DUI attorneys are the same?