You Need a Careless Driving Lawyer in Royal Oak, Michigan

Careless driving is defined as a “careless disregard” for the rules of the road, or “driving without due caution.” Careless driving normally presents a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians, whether it was intentional or accidental. Careless driving charges have been more prominent with text messaging while driving. Royal Oak and all of Michigan has a 12 penalty points system that holds drivers accountable. A Michigan driver’s license will be suspended if they reach the 12 points in a two year period. Motorists who are convicted of careless driving face a fine and three points on their driving record.

Careless Driving vs. Reckless Driving

There is a huge difference between reckless and careless driving. Careless driving is the lesser of these two charges but can still significantly impact you. The three points that come with careless driving in Michigan can really cost you when your auto insurance bills skyrocket. Depending on the type of careless driving charge that you received, it can also come with a hefty fine. Call an experienced Careless Driving Lawyer who can help keep your driving record clean.

Explore Your Options

If you have been charged with Careless Driving in Michigan, you should understand that it is the job of the prosecution to prove the charge. Many times, these charges can be challenged and result in a favorable outcome. Depending on the particulars of your case, it’s possible that the other driver was at fault or that you made a decision out of necessity. Rudoi Law will help you explore your options and get you the best possible deal.

If you have been charged with careless driving or other traffic-related violations in Royal Oak, MI., or the surrounding Tri-County areas, contact Rudoi Law immediately at (248) 935-9074 for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Get the Best Assault Charges Defense in Royal Oak, MI

Assault can be a very serious charge under Michigan assault laws. If you have been charged with assault, you do have some recourse. Rudoi Law experts fully understand Michigan’s criminal code and can help you every step of the way. Located in Royal Oak, MI, Rudoi Law serves clients in Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Ferndale, Pontiac, Rochester, Troy, and West Bloomfield, as well as all other residents of Oakland County and Macomb County.

Types of Assault in Michigan

Assault, in Michigan, encompasses a wide range of various charges. Under Michigan assault laws:

  • Simple Assault (the most basic form of assault)
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Domestic or Non-Domestic Assault
  • Felonious Assault
  • Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder
  • Assault with The Intent To Rob Or Steal
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Murder

Michigan Assault Defense Options

There are a number of defense options available when charged with assault in Michigan’s Tri-County area. Rudoi Law experts, of Royal Oak, MI., fully understand the law and the defense that works best for you under Michigan law. Allow them to review the facts of your case and devise a strategy that is strong for when you face the judge. One of the most common defenses for an assault charge is self-defense and while it can be an effective defense, it is imperative to have an attorney who knows how to present a solid argument. The choice is clear and the time to act is now.

Don’t go down without a fight. Protect your rights and contact Rudoi Law for the defense that you need and get a fair and fast resolution. Call Royal Oak’s finest, Rudoi Law today for your no obligation, free consultation. Calls are taken 24 HRS at (248) 935-9074.

Finding Top Defense Attorneys for Assault & Battery Charges in Royal Oak, MI

Facing assault & battery charges may result in serious consequences, such as loss of employment and even imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances and facts made available in your defense, the verdict may change.

However, in the state of Michigan, you can still be convicted of assault even without physically touching someone. On the other hand, touching someone accidentally may also result in a misdemeanor case. Furthermore, the penalties may become even more severe if you are found with previous convictions.

What Is the Difference Between Assault & Battery Charges?

You can still be accused of assaulting someone even without causing physical harm to another person. Just by purposely creating a reasonable apprehension or threat of harming another individual, this will be enough to charge you with a simple assault. On the other hand, battery is the act of intentionally applying force or touching another person with the objective of injuring or harming.

Although these two are treated as a single offense at times, assault and battery are always mutually exclusive. This means that a person can commit battery without assault and vice versa.

Penalties for Assault and Battery

Conviction may vary from court to court. Yet, the severity of the punishment depends also on the pieces of evidence and facts presented in court. If the charges are filed in the civil law system, then you may also face demands for fines or monetary compensation ranging from $500 to $1,000.

If otherwise filed in a criminal law court, you can expect not only probation, but also be forced to serve jail time from 93 days to a year. However, this does not mean that your case will be limited to just one court. As an offender, you can still be charged with both fines and prison time on a criminal and civil level.

Defense Against Assault & Battery

Assuming that your case is not just a matter of mistaken identity or another fundamental error, you can still use these other possible defenses to avoid such punishment.

  • Insufficient evidence – Charges may be lifted once the case is not satisfied with enough evidence. This includes the absence of injuries or scars and the lack of any credible eyewitnesses. Furthermore, when there is no direct proof of intent, then the court may not convict you.
  • Inability to prove claim – For you to be convicted of assault and battery, the plaintiff and the prosecution must have proof that you have committed all elements of the crime. Evidence of the crime being committed and resulting in fear or harm should be substantiated. Failure in doing so will find you not guilty.
  • Defense of other people and property – There are circumstances when you have to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, you only have to use reasonable force. Going beyond this, for example, chasing a fleeing assailant, will still result in a legal case.
  • Heavy provocation – Although provocation is a weaker defense in these types of cases, you still can lessen your sentence when your action resulted from constant or aggravating provocation.
  • Consent – Another viable defense is proving that the victim has voluntarily entered the premises where the assault and battery happened. When this is proven, then the act may not generally assert to constitute an assault and battery.

Top Attorneys for Assault & Battery Charges

When you are facing assault and battery charges in Royal Oak, Michigan; you can find help from excellent lawyers in Rudoi Law, PLLC. For a free consultation, you can call them through (248) 935-9074 or visit them at 104 W. Fourth St., Suite 210, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Are You in Need of an Aggravated Assault Defense in Royal Oak, Michigan?

Within the State of Michigan, an “aggravated assault” is an assault that involves serious injuries to a victim. The definition of an aggravated assault means that a person was harmed to the extent that they required immediate medical treatment. The injury may involve impairment of health, disfigurement, or any type of impairment of any part of the body.


The injuries experienced do not necessarily have to be severe. The do not have to rise to the level of being catastrophic. If someone goes unconscious or if an injury requires stitches, it could rise to the level of aggravated assault. All facts of each case matter in the determination of whether an incident rises to the level of aggravated assault. Whether or not something can be considered a catastrophic injury is best determined by a seasoned lawyer experienced with cases involving aggravated assault within the Royal Oak, Michigan jurisdiction.


The penalties for being found guilty for aggravated assault are rather serious. A defendant can be hit with a fine of up to $1,000, and worse yet, they could face up to a year in jail. Of course, the severity of such a conviction could seriously hinder a defendant’s future employment prospects. Moreover, such a conviction can also have serious implications as to future travel and immigration desires. If convicted, certain persons may be deported. Certain persons may lose their employment as well.

Experienced Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Should you or a loved one be charged with aggravated assault, you will need an experienced Royal Oak, Michigan aggravated assault lawyer immediately to provide you with a skillful aggravated assault defense. The stakes are far too high to do otherwise, given the harshness of the fines and the potential jail time. Call our aggravated assault lawyers today at (248) 935-9074. They are prepared to fight for your interests and to protect your rights.