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Medical Marijuana Laws: Transporting Medical Marijuana

  When it comes to Transporting Medical Marijuana, many of us ask “Can I travel with My Medical Marijuana card and my own meds?”, or “Can I transport medical marijuana?” . Medical Marijuana Lawyer, David Rudoi says in short that Traveling with medical marijuana is complicated because if you’re traveling with medical marijuana across state […]

Michigan Parole Boards

  Michigan is one of 26 states where parole boards are given close to unlimited power to determine who is released from prison, when they get out, and why. The United States has highest incarceration rate in the world, with an excess of 1.5 million people locked up. After a month-long Marshall Project investigation, it […]

MI Legalize Ballot Proposal

  The MI Legalize Ballot Proposal has reported that it’s on track to collect all of the 252,000 required signatures to return to the Michigan Board of Canvassers to be considered for the 2016 ballot. Under the proposed bill there would be a 10 percent excise tax, and adult users would be permitted to grow […]

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill Faces a Twist

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill 4271, and 5104 went up in smoke after being approved by the lower chamber along with a stalemate in the Senate at the final hours of the lame-duck session.

New Case Raises Queston: What is Required to Gain a Search Warrant in the Medical Marijuana Context

Medical marijuana is currently seen to be legal in Michigan under the Michigan medical marijuana program; nevertheless, one caregiver could be facing a lengthy prison term after being raided by local police. The caregiver’s daughter when to school one morning while reeking of medical marijuana the father Randall Raymond Fieck Jr. (caregiver) pled guilty for producing more than the allowed medical marijuana plants.

Forced Field Sobriety Test: Constitutional or Not

On October 7, 2014 a bill was enrolled and presented to Governor Snyder which makes the refusal roadside field sobriety test screenings against the law and a civil infraction. The refusal of a “roadside field sobriety test screening” will get you a civil infraction that comes with a hefty fine. Prior to this law officers could not ask for a sobriety test screening unless reasonable cause is presented, however this prerequisite was often disregarded.

Micheal Phelps Races to Second DUI

DUI case in Baltimore Maryland takes all by surprise were 18 time Olympic gold medalist arrested for speeding and driving under the influence. No comments have been made by Phelps sponsor and others. In Phelps past more than just the casual routine at training but previous DUI in 2004 along with 2009 photo at marijuana pipe party. Resulting in the suspension from the USA swim team for a period of time.

Does BAC Accurately Predict Driving Impairment?

  I’d like to begin by stating that this article in no way condones drunk driving, nor is meant to encourage it. I have close friends that a drunk driver almost killed, as well some whom have caused accidents. Drunk driving should be taken very seriously, with harsh penalties to discourage it. That said, I […]