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Beat Medical Marijuana Charges in Royal Oak, MI

In 2008, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was passed allowing certain individuals the right to use, possess, and grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. Yet, the laws have been and remain unclear. If you reside in Royal Oak or Michigan’s Tri-County area and have medical marijuana charges pending against you, there is a good chance that […]

Find Out About the Medical Marijuana Cultivation in Royal Oak, MI

Marijuana or “cannabis” is a psychoactive drug that can induce calm and can also be used for medical purposes. Growing marijuana at home has become a hobby for people who use it for recreational purposes or for those who use it as medication. According to Royal Oak’s moratorium on medical marijuana, the ordinance allows patients […]

Has Your Loved One Been Charged with a Juvenile Crime in Royal Oak, Michigan?

Of course, we all care for our tender young ones. We have to look after them. Human nature dictates that they may run into trouble at times, especially when they are young. If by chance your loved one stumbles against a juvenile criminal charge, then you will need to immediately consult with a juvenile crimes […]

Reasons You Need the Expertise of a Home Invasion Charges Defense Lawyer in Royal Oak, MI

Home invasion is considered a criminal offense, including in the state of Michigan. This means charges carry severe penalties. Even if you are a first offender, you will not be spared by the law in Royal Oak, MI. Thus the need for an excellent home invasion charges defense lawyer is crucial to your case. The […]

Why You Might Need Felony Charges Defense in Royal Oak, MI Soon

In recent years, modern legislations have greatly increased in number but have also become quite vague. What this means is that the average Michigander today could likely be committing at least three federal crimes daily without even realizing it. So, before you know it, you’ve been charged with something and are now scrambling to find […]

Ideal Steps When Dealing with Your Felony Charges Defense in Royal Oak, MI

A felony is a crime against another individual and a criminal offense against the state. It is something that is taken seriously by the law. The weight of the penalty depends on how grievous your charge is according to the penal code. You can be sentenced to a long time in prison, fined for a […]

Have You Been Charged with a Felony in Royal Oak, Michigan?

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in Royal Oak, Michigan, you certainly must recognize the seriousness of the matter. If the charge rises to the level of a felony (instead of a lower charge that is considered a misdemeanor), the severity of the impact on the rest of […]

Get the Best DUI Defense in Royal Oak, MI

If you live in Michigan, especially the Tri-County area, and have a DUI, you need to know that Michigan has very strict drinking and driving laws that are enforced. You need a lawyer who you can trust and who offers the best DUI defense in Michigan. You need Rudoi Law Firm in Royal Oak, MI. […]