Why You Might Need Felony Charges Defense in Royal Oak, MI Soon

In recent years, modern legislations have greatly increased in number but have also become quite vague. What this means is that the average Michigander today could likely be committing at least three federal crimes daily without even realizing it. So, before you know it, you’ve been charged with something and are now scrambling to find a reliable felony charges defense to help you out of your predicament. It sounds highly implausible but it’s very possible – felony charges happen every day.

Get Ready to Look for a Felony Charges Defense Attorney If…

You’ve Downloaded a Song for Free

So you didn’t want to buy the whole album but figured that you could download the few songs that you actually like. According to Title 17 U.S. Code §501, you’re guilty of copyright infringement. Are you feeling safe because you’ve been religiously using iTunes or Spotify? Think again because even words and photos can be copyrighted. If charged, you could be facing up to 10 years in a maximum security prison.

You’ve Messed with Someone’s Facebook

Using another person’s social media account to post about “their obsession with the Royal Oak mayor’s glasses” might seem like a harmless prank but it actually makes you a class C felon. It will be funny up until you’re convicted of transmitting fraudulent information over wires as per 18 U.S. Code §1343. You definitely won’t be laughing once you’re sentenced to 10 years in the jailhouse either.

You’ve Used Fake Names Online

Rarely do people want to use their real names when they’re playing video games or browsing through meme sites. But you might want to rethink that decision if you don’t want to be charged with computer fraud and abuse under Title 18 U.S. Code §1030. That’s right, using that funny nickname your best friend gave you on the internet constitutes as hacking. Then, you could be punished from 5 to 20 years in prison.

You’ve Failed to Report Your Tips

Anyone who’s ever had a part-time or summer job has likely stashed away or even used up all of their tips already. But did you know that amounts to the federal crime of tax evasion which has a penalty of up to five years in jail? Yes, you need to file and pay taxes for tips too and not just your monthly salary. Don’t worry since the process is relatively easy. Just drop by the Royal Oak IRS office to know more.

You’ve Faked Being Sick for Work

There will be times wherein you’ll be tempted to phone in sick to attend a concert, watch a ball game, or go to Lake Michigan. It’s something that you’ve seen many people do but it’s actually a felony. To be precise, it is a scheme or artifice to defraud your employer of their intangible right to your honest services. At least, that is what it says in 18 U.S.C. § 1346.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

In the event that you really do get charged, you should promptly arrange for felony charges defense in Royal Oak, MI to fight in order to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Delaying to arrange the services of a qualified attorney until you have no other option can be a huge mistake.

We at Rudoi Law stress the importance of contacting us immediately as the outcome of your case may be positively affected by early legal representation. There is no reason why you should face such a stressful time alone so get felony conviction defense right away.

Ideal Steps When Dealing with Your Felony Charges Defense in Royal Oak, MI

A felony is a crime against another individual and a criminal offense against the state. It is something that is taken seriously by the law. The weight of the penalty depends on how grievous your charge is according to the penal code. You can be sentenced to a long time in prison, fined for a hefty sum, or both. Thus, you need an excellent felony charges defense so you don’t end up wrongfully indicted.

Being charged with a criminal offense is hard. This is especially true when you have to defend your rights without being fully versed with felony matters. The whole process can get very overwhelming. This is why you need help in facing prosecution and coping with whatever consequences that will follow.

Seek Legal Help from Felony Charges Defense

The first thing you should do when charged with an offense in Royal Oak, MI is to look for a good legal counsel. You can’t just face the government prosecutor as a one-man army. You need someone to defend you during a courtroom battle. You need a defender during the arraignment that will do all their best to keep you out of jail and spare you from all possible penalties.

One of your best options is to reach out to Rudoi Law for someone to help you. We have qualified lawyers who can work on your case. Call us at 248-935-9074 for enquiries or email us directly at defense@rudoilaw.com. We will stand our ground as we fight for you.

Educate Yourself

Don’t just rely on your attorney for information regarding your case. Conduct your own research about the subject matter. What kind of felony charge have you been accused of and what consequences will you be facing? The best weapon in war is proper knowledge. How do you expect yourself to face the court when you don’t even know anything about what is being charged against you?

Feel free to ask your lawyers questions regarding the case. What are your chances? What evidences can you present to contest your innocence? What is the progress of your case? What are the proper steps that need to be taken?

These are only a few of the many questions that you should have the answers to. While you can trust your lawyer to do their best, it still makes a difference when you have an idea of what you are facing. After all, even the best warriors had to discover their weakness to keep themselves strong.

Find Emotional Support

During this hard time in your life, you need people that you can truly count on. You need your family, friends, and other loved ones to give you the support that you should be receiving. Remember that this is not a battle that you can win on your own. You need others to keep your mind sound and your spirit going. The whole proceeding takes a while and, as it runs, you need an endless amount of strength to keep the fight going. Find people to stay by your side from start to end.

Being charged with a felony is a tough moment in your life. You can overcome this hardship with the right attorney to give you the best felony charges defense in Royal Oak, MI. Through their help, you can be positive about the outcome of your case.

Have You Been Charged with a Felony in Royal Oak, Michigan?

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in Royal Oak, Michigan, you certainly must recognize the seriousness of the matter. If the charge rises to the level of a felony (instead of a lower charge that is considered a misdemeanor), the severity of the impact on the rest of your life is prodigious. If you or a loved one are facing a felony charge, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Royal Oak, Michigan felony charge defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our experienced felony charge lawyers are prepared to zealously fight for your interests and your rights.

Types of Felony Charges

Here is a partial listing of common felony charges:

  • Felony sex crimes
  • Hate crimes
  • Felony theft
  • Manslaughter and murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Felony fraud charges
  • Felony drug offenses

Seriousness of a Felony Charge

If convicted of a felony, it means that the offense is punishable by incarceration in a Michigan state prison instead of in a county jail. Felony convictions result in anywhere from a minimum of twelve months in jail to the death penalty in the worst cases. Moreover, the costs can be incredibly burdensome, to include heavy fines, educational programs, community service, the requirement to register as a sex offender, and more. If this was not bad enough, a felony conviction will mean missed opportunities in the future such as education, jobs, housing, military options, etc.

Experienced Felony Charges Defense Lawyer

Simply because you or your loved one has been charged with a felony does not indicate that you or your loved one is automatically guilty. If faced with a felony charge, you will need to quickly retain an experienced Royal Oak, Michigan felony charge defense lawyer. The risks are far too high to do otherwise, given the harshness of the fines and other penalties. Call our felony charge defense attorneys today at (248) 935-9074. We are prepared to battle to defend your rights.

Get the Best DUI Defense in Royal Oak, MI

If you live in Michigan, especially the Tri-County area, and have a DUI, you need to know that Michigan has very strict drinking and driving laws that are enforced. You need a lawyer who you can trust and who offers the best DUI defense in Michigan. You need Rudoi Law Firm in Royal Oak, MI.

What You Need to Know

Michigan considers anyone who has blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or above to be legally intoxicated. First-time offenders are subject to penalties that include:

  • A fine of up to $500
  • Jail time of up to 93 days
  • Community service duty up to 360 hours
  • Your driver’s license can be assessed up to six points
  • Suspended license for up to six months, with the potential for a restricted license after the first 30 days

Beyond the fees paid to the state, you will also have to deal with any court costs.

You Need Help

Don’t assume that you know the DUI laws in Michigan or anywhere else. DUI’s are serious and can significantly set you back in a number of ways. A DUI lawyer in Michigan can help handle your situation and provide you with the best possible outcome. When it is time to face the judge, you will want someone who knows the law, in your corner.

Choose Rudoi Law Firm

With the right defense, your DUI charge could have a lesser impact than you may realize. Often times, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests are administered improperly, the preliminary breath test wasn’t based on a legal foundation, or perhaps the police never informed you of your Chemical Test Rights before you submitted to chemical testing. These are factors you might never know unless you have the best DUI lawyer in Michigan.

Contact Rudoi Law Firm in Royal Oak, MI, for a Free Consultation at (248) 935-9074. Call 24 HRS

Let Drunk Driving Defense in Michigan Help with Defensive Strategies against DUI Penalties

Depending on your blood alcohol content and the number of times you’ve been caught, there are several penalties for drunk driving in Michigan. As one of the cities in the state, the same penalties also apply in Royal Oak. This is why you need to hire a drunk driving defense attorney in Royal Oak, MI if you are charged with the offense.

This is because a misdemeanor could mean a misdemeanor criminal offense under Michigan’s Super Drunk Law. You just didn’t realize it because your head was still a little fuzzy at the time.

Are you new to the rules of the state about drunk driving? You should be aware that a first offense DUI in Royal Oak, MI is quite painful.

Drunk Driving Defense to Help You Understand DUI Penalties

First offense misdemeanor is charged to a drunk driver with an alleged BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) of or above 0.08% but less than 0.17%. The penalty includes:

  • Jail time of up to 93 days
  • Fines and penalties of up to $500
  • Suspension of driving license of up to 6 months
  • Community service
  • Random alcohol and drug testing
  • Ignition interlock device requirement
  • Enrollment to a court-approved alcohol and drug education program

As if these penalties are not stressful enough to you and your pocket, you may also have to face the cost of prosecution, driver’s responsibility fees, crime victim impact fee, probation oversight fees, and emergency response costs.

But with the help of the best drunk driving lawyer, you may be spared from the additional fees or the number of penalties you could be sentences with.

This is especially true with vehicle immobilization penalty.

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Immobilization

Remember ignition interlock device requirement? This is one way that vehicle immobilization is imposed.

If you need your car for work or business, being banned from using it for a certain period of time could mean money lost that you could have used to pay for prosecution. The kind of inconvenience you will experience could be much worse than the drunk driving penalties.

What is bad about vehicle immobilization is that:

  • As a defendant, you will be responsible for paying the installation cost of the device. That’s more money wasted needlessly.
  • It will have a negative impact on your normal lifestyle, causing inconvenience to you and your family.
  • Your registration plate will be destroyed and replaced with a temporary license plate.
  • Your vehicle could remain immobile for 90 days to 3 years.
    • A discretionary 180-day immobilization is charged for the first offense.
    • Between 90 to 180 days for the second offense.
    • Mandatory 1 to 3 years for the third offense.

Of course, if you have another vehicle, you won’t suffer as much since immobilization only applies to the vehicle involved in the drunk driving offense.

It doesn’t apply if the driver doesn’t have an ownership interest in the vehicle in question as well.

But here’s the thing; if you’re not the driver but the owner who knowingly allowed the offender to drive your vehicle drunk, your vehicle would still be immobilized.

With so many intricate details about drunk driving laws and penalties, you should contact Rudoi Law for DUI defense the moment you’ve been charged.

  • We will ensure your rights are protected throughout all the proceedings involved.
  • We will provide you with the expertise of a lawyer specializing in DUI offenses.
  • We will provide you with all the legal options available and within the strict deadlines.

For access to DUI defensive strategies, contact us now at (248) 935-9074 for a no-obligation consultation.

Reasons You Need the Aid of a Drug Crimes Attorney in Royal Oak, MI

When drug crimes occur in the state of Michigan, they are taken care of in a very serious manner. If an individual is found guilty of possession of drugs or drug dealing, they will be imprisoned and will receive harsh penalties and fines. However, what if you are falsely accused? When you are charged with an offense or misdemeanor, it can be a traumatizing experience for those who are not ready to give up their social life, relationships, and finances in Royal Oak, MI. This is when a drug crimes attorney is needed.

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor (possession of a little amount of drugs), driving while under the influence of drugs, or are charged with distribution and trafficking drugs (these are considered felonies), you need professional help. You will be asked too many questions and it will be difficult to keep track of your answers throughout the entire case. Remember to let your drug crimes attorney do all the taking during the case so that you can be at ease.

Why You Need a Drugs Crime Attorney

  • To Educate You on Your Case

Say that you were accused of drug trafficking even if you were just in possession of a little amount, or you were charged with purchasing or selling drugs but the proof is flimsy. Without the representation of a seasoned attorney, these charges could still lead to penalties and costly fines.

Being involved in these kinds of situations is not a walk in the park. You will be asked numerous questions and it might be hard for you to think things straight. A trusted drug crimes attorney will be there to know what you will be up against. They will educate you and be there to help get you out of major trouble.

  • Prevent Unjust Penalties and Charges

Trusted attorneys who specialize in drug crimes will help in reducing or nullifying your penalties. Note that drug distribution, drug trafficking, or possession of different kinds of drugs (from marijuana to ecstasy) mean different levels of penalties. What kind of sentence you receive is the big question. Will you serve time in prison; and if so, how long? Or will you have to pay a fine; and if so, how much? To avoid receiving unfair penalties or to avoid them altogether, you will need a trustworthy professional by your side.

  • Protect You from Possible Charges as an Accomplice or Co-Conspirator

Drug crimes have the highest prosecution rate. This does not mean, however, that all suspects are treated fairly. Some people are unjustly accused of being an accomplice or co-conspirator. With an experienced drug crimes attorney helping you, there is a higher chance of making sure that the situation is handled properly. That you do not suffer penalties that you do not deserve, especially if you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As you can see, having a drug crime attorney help you out is the way to go. Of course, you need to make sure that the attorney you contact is experienced when it comes to serious felony cases and know their way around different kinds of drug crimes cases.

Take advantage of the lineup of highly qualified criminal defense lawyers from Rudoi Law. They are trained to represent anyone charged with a drug crime in the best way possible. These lawyers will provide the defense you need in court by employing the best legal strategies that will result in a fair and fast resolution for your case.
If you wish to get a free consultation, contact Rudoi Law at (248) 935-9074 or visit their office in 104 W. Fourth St., Suite 210, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Are You Driving with a Suspended License?

The first and foremost point is, please never drive if your license has been suspended. The risks of getting caught are high – and the penalties are dire. You could be looking at increased license suspension time, fines, and even serving jail time. It is simply just not worth it.

If You Have a Suspended License, What Do You Do?

If you have a suspended license, consult with a seasoned suspended license attorney that can assist you to seek license reinstatement. You will require experienced counsel with significant knowledge of the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, which is a division of the Michigan Secretary of State. An experienced attorney can guide you to the best and most efficient path to reinstatement.

What Do You Do If You Are Charged with Operating a Vehicle After Suspension?

Should you elect to drive with a suspended license and are caught . . . you are still not yet guilty of anything. Our suspended license attorneys can assist you. Often, our attorneys can assist to have the punishments significantly reduced. There are many factors that can play into this negotiation process, of which our firm is very familiar with. An experienced hand is, without a doubt, the best guide in these types of cases.

Experienced Suspended License Lawyer

Simply because you have been charged with driving with a suspended license does not mean you are guilty. If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while having a suspended license, you will need to swiftly contact an experienced Royal Oak, Michigan suspended license lawyer. The stakes are far too high to do otherwise, given the harshness of the fines and other penalties. Call our suspended license lawyers today at (248) 935-9074. We are prepared to fight for your interests, and to protect your rights.

Hire an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Royal Oak, MI

Michigan courts are flooded with domestic violence cases, especially in the Tri-County Metro area, including Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Macomb Counties. Assault and Battery cases can involve misdemeanor or felony charges, and some who are charged will do jail time. Don’t let that someone be you. If you or a loved one is charged with domestic violence, allow an experienced domestic violence attorney that is willing to fight for you, handle your case for the best possible outcome.

Michigan Domestic Violence Statute

Without a well-strategized defense, charges of domestic violence, even for first-time offenders, are a real possibility. In fact, a jail sentence of 93 days, fines, probation, court costs, classes, and having to abstain and get tested for drug or alcohol use can be common in Michigan. This is not to mention the charge that can stay with you on your record. The Tri-County District Courts penalize severely for previous offenses. Choosing the best and most experienced criminal defense lawyer, one that knows their way around Michigan domestic violence laws, can be an invaluable tool. The result can be a plea bargain and sometimes even a dismissal of the case.

Deferred Sentencing Program

First-time domestic assault or aggravated domestic assault charges can sometimes qualify for a deferred sentencing program that is offered in Michigan. Under this program, the defendant would be placed on probation with conditions that would have to be met, but the charge would be expunged from your record upon completion of the program. If the terms and conditions are not successfully fulfilled, sentencing for that crime will resume.

Get Experienced Advice

A Michigan Domestic Violence Misdemeanor or Felony charge is very serious, so you need experienced advice quickly. There are many disadvantages to waiting to get representation. Call Rudoi Law at (248) 935-9074 now for your free, no-obligation consultation. Phone lines are open 24 HRS.